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Town of Highlands Parks & Recreational Areas

The Town of Highlands has a number of parks, some for residents only and some for the general public.  Rules and regulations vary.  Reservations for the use of pavilions, athletic fields and such can be coordinated through the Town Recreation Department.

Open during summer months.  Admission charged.. Picnic areas, pavilion, fishing, swimming, playground, volleyball , horse shoe area.

ROE PARK in Highland Falls
Open year around.  No admission charged.  Various activities during year. Sports fields, basketball courts, playground, limited fishing, picnic area.

MEMORIAL PARK in Highland Falls
Various activities during year.

CENTER STREET PARK in Highland Falls
Children's playground. 

911 MEMORIAL PARK in Fort Montgomery
Quiet park for meditation

BROOKS LAKE PARK in Fort Montgomery
Playground, pavilion, sports fields, dog park, hiking trails, basketball court, fishing.

MINE DOCK PARK in Fort Montgomery
No general public admission charged.  Kayak access to river.
 Waterfront park is being developed. 

LADYCLIFF PARK in Highland Falls
Relax on the benches or  in the Gasebo.