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Recreation Department

  Contact Information
Recreation Director
Aaron Falk | Email
P: (845) 446-4280 ext 318
F: (845) 446-4298

Department Hours
Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm



It is the mission of the Town of Highlands Recreation Department to provide an opportunity for every resident, young and old, to have an activity to actively participate in. We will work hard to reach out to the community to see what activities interest you and then find ways to provide those programs. Please see the list of current activities being offered below. If you have any questions about them, or have ideas for different activities, please do not hesitate to contact the Recreation Department at 845-446-4280 ext. 318.



Activities currently running:

-          4 and 5 year old Start Smart Introduction to Soccer

-          6-8 year old Soccer

-          9-12 year old soccer

-          Lacrosse Clinical Program


Upcoming Winter 2017-2018 sign-ups:

-          4 and 5 Basketball

-          6-7 year old Basketball

-          8-10 year old Basketball

-          11-13 year old Basketball

-          14-16 year old Basketball


Upcoming Spring 2018 sign-ups:

         -          T-Ball (4 and 5 year olds)

         -          Coach-Pitch Baseball (6-8 year olds)

         -          Little League Baseball (9-13 year olds)

         -          Ponytail Softball (7-13 year olds)

         -          Men’s Softball (18 and older)

         -          Lacrosse Clinical Program, Session 1

         -          Start Smart Introduction to Golf


Upcoming Summer 2018 sign-ups:

         -           Men’s Softball

         -          Women’s Softball

         -          Summer Playground Program

         -          Swimming Lessons

         -          Long Pond Recreation Area



Senior Center:

The Recreation Department is also working diligently with the Town of Highlands seniors in an effort to provide daily/weekly/monthly recreation programing in and out of the Senior Center. If you have any activity ideas or would like to volunteer, please contact the Recreation Department.



Volunteers are an essential part of our program and without them are activities could not be successful. If you are looking to volunteer in any of our programs please contact the Recreation Department.


**Please continue to check back for updates on activities as we are regularly looking to add and adjust programing, as needed. You can also see updates by checking the Town of Highlands Facebook page**